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LACC91683 - Lotus Heavy Duty Front Chromoly Caged CV Axle

LACC91683 - Lotus Heavy Duty Front Chromoly Caged CV Axle

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Toyota makes a good CV (Constant Velocity) axle but it's original design is for a paved road where the suspension is rarely if ever completely flexed out. The engineers also knew that it's not normal to flex out the suspension while under a heavy torque load. Under normal conditions, if the rubber boots are replaced before dirt can get in, the axle can easily last the life of the vehicle.


4Wheeling pushes the design beyond the original intent and it's not uncommon to break the outer cage in the joint. The stock CV axles are prone to break when you get a combination of front wheel droop and a turned steering wheel. This often happens when a trail has wash out or rocks that are large enough to flex out the suspension.


Almost by definition, rock crawling requires a wheeler to negotiate complex paths and push the suspension to it's limits.  While it's easier to turn around on the trail or drive around the obstacles it sure isn't very much fun to do so and that's part of what lead to the new Lotus Development axles. Since it's normally the outer joint that fails on an OEM axle we left the inner tripod joint alone and focused the improvement on the outer joint where the race and cage is.


Much stronger components within the Toyota axles. The axles take Toyota OEM axle housings and upgrade the components inside the outer joint with a newly engineered race and cage. In addition to the added material thickness we also upgraded to chromoly steel. The new cage and race components are over 6 times stronger than a stock outer joint.


**Price is per CV axle (1)


Fits all 95.5-04 Tacoma with ADD and 96-02 4Runners. WILL NOT FIT MANUAL LOCKING HUBS!!


Lotus Chromoly Race and Cage

Lotus Race and Cage

Lotus Wall Depth

Lotus Wall


OEM Wall Depth

OEM Wall


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